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Latest from Lady Maenad

Conquering the Monster

Meeting him came with a collection of red flags long enough to line the interstate from coast to coast. But I was young and ignorant and insecure, and I thought I deserved maltreatment. I wish that I could just talk to someone about this festering pain I feel. I want someone to hug me and…

Still Spinning

Twenty-nine years old and I still don’t know what I want from life. The two quarreling personalities in my head wrestle over a desire for comfort and a drive for adventure. Unless wrangling young children at a grocery store or working a dead-end job are adventures, my life is a little lacking in that respect.…

Writer as Creator

Melding words together feels like music inside of me, reverberating in my bones and sending sovereign electrical signals to my nerves. My drive to write feels not unlike that reptilian urge to eat, sleep, and have sex. I can’t not do it. When I lie in bed at night and try to settle my brain…

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